"Bullet" Dredge Nozzle Classifier Price: $36.95

OME's New GOLD BULLET Dredge Nozzle Classifier Is One Of A Kind. This classifier will fit onto the end of your dredging nozzle. It's unique design will classify the debris, and allow the user to use it's pointed end to loosen the debris field. Stop those FLAT, LARGE, AWKWARD shaped ROCKS, from clogging up your intake hose while taking advantage of the bullet like grill to dig and rout through the hard packed gravel and clay. It might be fun to see those big rocks go through the system, but they have no value and only put wear and tear on your dredge. You don’t have to buy a new nozzle to take advantage of the Bullet Classifier, just slip it on the end of your nozzle, tighten the clamp, which is supplied, and go dredge and dig for a non-stop day. The Bullet Classifier comes in 6”, 5”, 4” 3”, 2 1/2”, and 2” diameters.