Jobe Gold Buddy Floating Flair Gold Dredge 2" Suction Nozzle Dredge Price: $1,389.49 Retail Price: $1,595.00 (Save $205.51)

All feature:

Honda power coupled to a JOBE 95 GPM high pressure aluminum pump.

The revolutionary GOLD BUDDY 10 x 17

GOLD WEDGE SLUICE .The average total Weight of the complete dredge is 65 pounds varying slightly configuration. GOLD BUDDY Uni-Float one piece flotation system.

Back-Pack Dredge Flotation: The polypropylene flotation platform is 27 x 41 inches and weighs 15 pounds. The unique combined design of our Back-

Pack dredges frame and flotation makes for a very lightweight but rugged support system. Works on all our Back-Pack dredges, power jet and suction nozzle plus a variety of dredges and hibankers manufactured by JOBE, Keene, and proline. About anything with a 10 inch sluice can be adapted to work with this flotation

The Gold Wedge Flared Aluminum Sluice:

The 40 inch long sluice is designed as a natural gold trap starting 10 inches wide and flared to 17 inches wide. As the sluice widens the water velocity slows and drops values. Complete with .085 diamond cut expanded aluminum over carpet, zinc plated steel riffles, and a classifier screen to enhance fine gold recovery. The input end is 10 inches wide and designed to work with a number of

JOBE sluice accessories. Weighs just a little over 13 pounds.

Honda 2.5 HP Engine / Pump: A proven workhorse combination is the 2 1/2 HP

Honda Engine coupled to the JOBE 90 GPM pump. The engine /pump is mounted to plated steel base plate with shock absorbent feet in case you want to use the pump in a free standing application off the dredge. This base plate is attached to a plated steel frame for use on the dredge. The motor pump-frame assembly detaches completely from the dredge with 2 thumb screws for quick assembly/disassembly or for on-the-bank fueling. The motor/pump with the base plate weighs 18 pounds and frame adds only 2.8 pounds.

Oversize Jet Flare: The JOBE oversize jet flare is 10 inches wide and 24 inches long. Weighs just 3 pounds. Works with the 2 1/2 power jet dredges and is designed to be compatible with about any

10 inch wide sluice including the JOBE 6504 Yellow Jacket and the Keene A52 sluices.

The 2 1/2 inch power jet model uses a two piece

Oversize 2 1/2 inch Power Jet: The JOBE oversize

2 1/2 inch power jet is 15 inches long and weighs 3 pounds. The 2 1/2 inch suction hose fits inside the power jet to reduce the possibility of jams.

For the 2 inch suction nozzle configuration we use the JOBE

Dredge header box in place of the Jet Flare and the JOBE 2 inch suction nozzle instead of the power jet tube.