Trommel Blank Barrels Price: $75.00

Steel trommel barrels for building your own trommels. Build your own trommel with parts from us or fab some of them your self. Welding or conecting trommel barrels of diferent sizes will give you the best clasifaction of sizes allowing you to run seperate sluices for the best pitch for the size classified, We also run make up water to adjust the volumne of each sluice for the best gold recovery.Trommel Barrels are made with 16 gage perforated steel with one size of the following hole sizes 1/2", 3/8", 1/4",1/8" barrels come with a 16 gage steel. The collar at each end of the unit comes 6" standard. We also have trommel molded hoppers and trommel shutes.